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It all started last summer 2017 when casting contacted me to see if I had turned 15 yet. They had found me on YouTube a few years prior but I was too young. I had just turned 15 so they had me send in many videos singing various songs before finally putting me through to producers rounds in NYC. At the actual producers audition I performed  Lenka's "The Show", one of my original songs called "Nevermind" and also a song by Judy Garland called “Dinah” which I sang a cappella.  


Back then I was still kind of scattered, didn’t know what my musical “ lane” was so they said they liked what I did but thought I needed to figure out my musical lane and try again the next year.

Next summer they contacted me again.  I sent them a recent performance of an original called “Catch More Flies” to show them my new musical direction.

They loved it and set up a producers' Skype audition.  I performed “Liability” by Lorde and an original called “Drown”.  They seemed to really love me! We got a call that night from casting that I was going to the Celebrity Judging Auditions in NYC for Luke Bryan, Lionel Richie & Katy Perry. I was VERY excited! 

We went into NYC the night before and then had to be at The High Line at 6:30 am. There were about 200 people there total, approximately 40 potential contestants and their families and friends. I waited all day while others went in. They did some interviews with me and even some photo shoots. I was the last performer at about 8PM. I sang “Liability” by Lorde and my original “Drown.” They all loved me and said I was a true artist. Lionel Richie especially loved my original song and said something to the effect of “you will lead the 16 year old revolution of young musicians looking to take my job.” LOL! Katy loved my voice and my look and so did Luke. 

I got a yes from each judge and they said “You’re going to Hollywood!" 




they gave me a Gold Ticket, one of the 179 tickets given away from the auditions in 20 cities with over 100,000 people seen! 

There was a lot of paperwork and much prep between Oct and Dec when I arrived in LA for Hollywood Week. Background checks, multiple questionnaires and requests for pictures from my childhood etc. I was very busy too preparing a bunch of songs that I would use during the next rounds.

Round 1 Line of 10: I performed a cover by Birdy called “Strange Birds”. Four of us from the Line of 10 made it through this first cut.

hollywood week round 2

Round 2: Top 98 Group Round. We called ourselves “Minor Yours” - we were all under 18 y/o hence “minor”. We became VERY close and still are very much in touch, some of us speaking practically everyday. All but Jeremiah (in the dark shirt) made it to Round 3/Solo round.

Round 3: Top 68/Solo Round. I opted to do an original over a cover. At the time I felt it was the right thing to do but looking back I think they may have preferred a cover from me at this point in the competition. 

After the 68 remaining contestants performed, we broke for dinner before going back for the final cut to 40.


It had been a very long and stressful week. No down-time at all and not a lot of sleep! We were all exhausted. They brought us back after dinner and separated us into 3 rooms. Two of the rooms move on, one room goes home. Sadly, I was in the room going home and was eliminated when they cut to the Top 40. Lionel Richie told those in my room  “It’s not about the talent, it’s just not the time.” Luke Brian told me to keep at it and that my songwriting "is like nothing I have heard before.” 

I was very sad, of course, but I'm totally OK now. I learned a lot, made some terrific friends, and now have a lot going on because of this experience. I may even try again next season! I just released a single “Afterlife” which is available on all platforms and is being distributed by Warner Music Group ADA.

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American Idol audition 2019 - ameliarose (NYC)